TCS Bookin’IT 5 K–Enter today!

March 2-  The TCS Bookin’IT 5 K to benefit school libraries will be held at The Alberta School for the Performing Arts at 8 a.m.  Rock Quarry Elementary School Library needs $90,000.00 to achieve exemplary status.  Families may also donate to this event through LeanStream:

Come out and join us to benefit our library!


Support the RQE Tuscaloosa CANstruction project!

Feb. 22-  All donations for Tuscaloosa Can should be delivered to RQE by this day.  RQE students will need these SPECIFIC cans to execute their planned design. They are building a ship,  the USS Tuscaloosa.

Black Cans – (Manwich Cans – 15 ounce cans) – 300 Cans

White Cans – (Great Value Canned Vegetables – 15 ounce cans) – 300 Cans

Blue Cans – (Bush’s Beans – 16 ounce cans) – 300 Cans